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Mom (10/27/29 - 8/30/16) and Dad (2/3/27 - 4/11/93)

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My mother Marjorie Christiansen, who many of you knew, had a gift shop for 12 years, Bright Ideas Gifts! One of her reps, Pete Peterson, was interested in selling his business so my father, Dick Christiansen, left 3M after 25 years of service and bought it in 1976. Christiansen and Associates was born! My dad bought the business right when Dick Roethe started selling for Pete in Wisconsin. Dick Delude started with the company shortly thereafter and off they went. Apparently my dad only hired guys named Dick! Too funny! While there were many other people that came and went over the years, Dick Roethe is still with us and he is part of our family.


In 1993 my dad passed away after fighting cancer for 2 years. My mom took over the company and ran it for another year. Then she realized this wasn't for her and put the business up for sale. At that point, something clicked in me. I had not been interested in this business, but now all of a sudden, our family business was going to go away. For some reason, I could not let that happen and bought the business from my mom in 1994..... I have never looked back!


Minneapolis Gift Mart - Green 485

2019 Show Schedule

January Show - January 18 - 22, 2019

March Show - March 8-12, 2019

April Show - April 28-30, 2019

June Show - June 23-25, 2019

August Show - August 2-6, 2019

October Show - October 5-7, 2019


Todd Christiansen - Principal, Minnesota, North and South Dakota Rep

Richard Roethe - Wisconsin, Eastern Iowa, Michigan UP Rep

Eric Wiltgen - Central and Western Iowa Rep

Judy Roench - Southern Minnesota

I am looking for help in the Twin Cities and South Dakota